Count lines, characters per line, words, pages, or paragraphs the easy way!

This amazing line counting and invoice program for the medical transcriptionist, legal transcriptionist, secretary, author, or other language professionals will make your life so much easier...


ave you noticed how you can't count lines in so many word processing programs without it counting all the blank lines too? This severely inflates the real amount of lines you typed.  I know, I had to figure that out the hard way and spent years manually counting the lines I typed.  What a waste of time!  I must have spent hundreds of hours counting lines, and nearly every time I'd lose count and have to go back and start again.  What a nightmare!

You need to be able to count only the lines you typed to be able to charge your client or physician the correct amount.  Many of us need a program to count a line as a "certain amount of characters" since many people charge a line as 65 characters. 

Now there is a solution to your problems!

My name is Michele Miller, and I've been a work at home medical transcriptionist since 1994.  I'm always looking for ways to cut down on time and improve my workload output.  This is why I had this program created and it can help you too!  It's user friendly and easy to learn.  We need to make the most of our time!

Line counter and Invoice Program 2.0 (new upgraded version) does the job for you.  It will count lines just about any way you want it to, by the gross line, characters per line or it will count words, pages, or paragraphs.  Once it has counted for you, it will produce an invoice for your client immediately or whenever you're ready to make an invoice.  It basically does the work for you!  

Here's what it does!

  • Line Count and Invoice 2.0 automatically creates an invoice with your company details and your client's name and address

  • It automatically calculates the totals for the invoice

  • Allows you to apply paid to an invoice, void an invoice, or delete an invoice

  • Allows you to choose the starting number of the invoice

  • Allows you to add miscellaneous content to the invoice

  • Shows the total amount of units/lines typed

  • Lets you apply different rates for different clients

  • Lets you edit client details

  • Has currency options such as US dollar, Canadian or Australian dollars, UK pounds

  • Lets you keep a running log of each client's counts which you can delete at any time.

Line counter and Invoice Program 2.0 counts:

  • Words

  • Characters with spaces

  • Characters without spaces

  • Lines (per set number of characters)

  • Gross lines (any line with typing on it)

  • Pages  

  • Paragraphs

  • Include/exclude headers and footers

  • And produces an automatic Invoice!

It will keep a log of all the files counted so when you are ready to invoice your client, all the information is at your fingertips!

It's important to have a "user friendly" program, that is quick and easy to use!

The HELP files show you step-by-step screen shots of how to use the program so you can be up and running in five minutes!

Here's what an experienced transcriptionist had to say...

I love this program!  Thank you for having this made.  I know this was something you've been trying to have done for some time.  I really like how easy it is to use, and especially the way it makes the invoice.  I don't have to enter any of the information myself anymore!!!  It does it all for me!
Pamela Harmon, Jensen Beach, Florida


You too can be using the Line Counter and Invoice 2.0 program and make life easier for yourself and save yourself lots of time.  You can stop counting all those lines and manually making those invoices!  Let this program do it for you.  Don't forget it's a business deduction too! 


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You may use this program on multiple computers, this is not a single license program.  Limited time offer!


Compatible with Microsoft Word 97-present.

Windows 98, 2000, ME, Windows 7, and XP Home & Professional & Vista.


This program does not work with WordPerfect. 


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